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Frequently Asked Questions

What is yards after contact in football?

Yards after contact is a measure of how much further the running back can go once the first guy hits him. Does he get another yard? Two more? Or does he go down on the first tackle he encounters?

Which NFL players have the best yards after contact (yds) stats?

Ezekiel Elliott, on the Cowboys (whom I despise) is racking up big career numbers in the Yards After Contact category. So are Jay Ajayi and LeVeon Bell (if he ever makes it back). They get hit and they keep going.

What is youthyards after contact about?

YARDS AFTER CONTACT is the inspiring story of Jack Hoffman through the eyes of his father, author Andy Hoffman.

Which Rb has the most yards after contact in 2018?

2018 RBs: Yards After Contact Rk Player Team Yds After Contact TDs 1 Nick Chubb CLE 829 8 2 Derrick Henry TEN 764 12 3 Saquon Barkley NYG 835 11 4 Kareem Hunt KC 573 7 32 more rows ...

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