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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Zipcar discount for new drivers?

Popular Zipcar Promo Codes & Sales Discount Description Expires PROMO CODE $25 Driving Credit For New Drivers - PROMO CODE $25 Driving Credit For New Members - PROMO CODE Free $25 Toward Your Next Ride For New C ... - PROMO CODE $25 Free Driving Credit - 1 more rows ...

Does Zipcar offer a plan for students?

Even if you’ve heard of Zipcar, you may not know that Zipcar also offers a plan for students. This plan is almost identical to the regular Zipcar plans. The main difference is that Zipcar has partnered with universities to offer the plan to students who are at least 18 years old.

How can I get $25 off Zipcar?

Just make sure your friend is new to Zipcar and doesn’t already have a membership in order to get this $25 off Zipcar code. Even if you don’t have a Zipcar promo codes, you can still save on rental cars. If you drive often and don’t want to pay a lower rate, you should sign up for an extra value plan at Zipcar. You’ll get deals like:

Why is there a Zipcar?

That’s why there’s Zipcar. Choosing Zipcar is the first step to saving loads compared to owning a car. The savings have never been better with all the Zipcar promo codes available. Whether you have been planning a trip for ages or just need to get across town for a work event, use a code to save on your next ride.

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