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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Zipcar promo codes available?

The savings have never been better with all the Zipcar promo codes available. Whether you have been planning a trip for ages or just need to get across town for a work event, use a code to save on your next ride. Get deals like these:

How can I get $25 off Zipcar?

Just make sure your friend is new to Zipcar and doesn’t already have a membership in order to get this $25 off Zipcar code. Even if you don’t have a Zipcar promo codes, you can still save on rental cars. If you drive often and don’t want to pay a lower rate, you should sign up for an extra value plan at Zipcar. You’ll get deals like:

What is zipzipcar?

Zipcar is the definition of new alternative travel - offering you “wheels when you want them”. It’s the solution to the congestion on city roads, the pollution in our air, non-essential car ownership, road rage and a few other things that the Zipcar team are proud to be a part of tackling.

How much does it cost to join Zipcar?

Privacy policy. Zipcar Senior Discount: Join Zipcar for $40 (plus a one-time $25 application fee) and get $40 in free driving credit. Offer valid for AARP members.

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